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Join Me for Social Media for Academic Professional Development

Ever wished you could choose what would be covered each year during those continuing education seminars? In this webinar, you will learn how to harness social media to build your own Personal Learning Network and expand your personal professional development choices into any and all areas of interest. DIY ProfDev is here!

Thu. Jan. 26, 2012, 2 pm (PT) 3 pm (MT)

Register – It’s free!


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“Best Reads of the Week” Roundup – Vol 1

Welcome to the inaugural post in the “Best Reads of the Week” category. These are in no particular order and under no particular categories except I found them useful and interesting. Enjoy!


Bloggers, because the calendar would introduce an element of consistency into their blogging, and would encourage them to think about the bigger picture. You don’t have to be locked into the calendar if a topical news item breaks, then you have a duty to cover it if it’s important to your readers.

Readers would also benefit, because posts would appear more regularly, and by using themes they know what type of content to expect on any given day.

We will focus on ways to overcome the inevitable obstacles you’ll face along the dissertation marathon including the twin devils of all dissertations: writer’s block and procrastination. We’ll have periodic interviews with highly productive scholars uncovering the tips and secrets they wish they’d known at the beginning of their own careers. And we’ll never forget the special challenges of the isolated, off-campus, working ABD. Our goal is to speed you on your way towards your doctorate and, in the process, to enhance the skills you’ll need for a lifetime of academic productivity.

By “learning” we mean formal teaching and learning, personal learning, group and organisational learning (in education and in the workplace).

Here we will be reviewing a number of ways to use Twitter, Facebook and other similar services for learning. See the left-hand navigation bar for those we have added so far and are in the process of adding.

Recent research has confirmed and identified benefits to the use of Web 2.0 technologies within the online classroom. Such benefits can be mapped to known best practices from the distance education literature to help enhance and optimize their potential positive effects within the online classroom. This article outlines the suspected and documented benefits of Web 2.0 technologies and links them to known best practices in distance education.

Various names have been given to this form of teaching, and there are some distinctions among these: cooperative learning, collaborative learning, collective learning, learning communities, peer teaching, peer learning, reciprocal learning, team learning, study circles, study groups, and work groups. But all in all, there are three general types of group work: informal learning groups, formal learning groups, and study teams.


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My Top Tools for 2009

The Centre for Learning and Performance Technologies is compiling its annual list of Top 100 Tools based on the recommendations of tools from hundreds of eLearning professionals.  Below is my submitted Top 10 list.

  1. Twitter – This tool has revolutionized the way I communicate, disseminate, and collaborate – simply great!
  2. WordPress – The power of the blog continues to amaze me in its reach and connectivity.
  3. Blackberry Cell Phone – It is my mini “go anywhere” computer now…(includes apps for Social Media, email, Course Management Systems, and blogging).
  4. – Social Bookmarking (plus it goes with me no matter what computer I am using).
  5. Windows “Snipping Tool” – great little utility for screen shots.
  6. Firefox – Avoiding the blue screen of death.  Firefox performs as described.
  7. Word – Still my “go to” wordprocessing program.
  8. Outlook – Email, calendar, and RSS reader keeps me organized.
  9. OER Commons – Best interface for Open Ed resources
  10. Creative Commons Licensing – makes OER possible

The Top 100 List for 2009 will be listed here, soon after November 15th.

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Catch the Google Wave?

Will you be one of the first to try Google’s new Wave?  You can see it introduced here in this longgggggg video.


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Where do you Work when you Teach Online?

Last year a commercial about a businessman who works with his customers both virtually and face-to-face across America got me thinking.  The commercial’s salesman said he worked from a place called something like “Newcaliwisdakota”.  According to the ad, he needed a network that kept up with the demands of his job. This network was the product being hawked in the commercial.

What does this commercial have to do with online teaching?

The state of “Newcaliwisdakota.”

We who teach online are the virtually-nomadic, 21st century version of the traveling salesman.  This year, for instance, I will have lived physically in Washington State and Virginia while teaching virtually to students enrolled in the University of San Diego (California), the University of Wisconsin-Stout (Wisconsin), and Walla Walla Community College (Washington).  An my students are scattered throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The reach of online learning is global, and yet my students are as close and “real” to me as any I’ve taught face-to-face.  The classroom interactions are as diverse and as meaningful.  And the exchange of ideas has been equal to and often surpass the traditional classes I’ve taught due directly to the asynchronous environment in which the course takes place. But I still don’t have an easy answer to the question of where I work?

I suppose I could always say “my office” or “my living room”  – but that doesn’t really represent this rich environment of “everywhere”  all at once online.  So I think I will take a page from the commercial and give my work place a name: “Virgiwiscaliwa.”

Where do you work?

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