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Blogging More by using Editorial Calendars

I have quite a few blogs I like to read, and even more blog articles that clutter my “to do” list. The one thing that the blogs I follow have in common is the writer posts often. There is something about writing regularly that makes a person a better writer. Instinctively, I know this. What’s more, my English undergraduate degree confirms it. I should be writing more – it helps me think.  So, just like I made New Year’s resolutions about my health, I guess I need to do the same with my blog. I just need to dig in and do it.  Make time for it.  Revel in it.

Recently I was pointed to this article discussing “Editorial Calendars”.  I think this is exactly what I need to help jumpstart my blogging.  To that end, I am proposing that I will write a minimum of two posts a week.  In the first half of the week, will be articles dealing with my Open PhD pursuits.  These posts could range from reviews of Open Courseware, Open Texts, or triumphs and travails.  The later half of the week will alternate between “how to” articles on facilitating courses online and a “Best Reads of the Week” roundup.

Topic suggestions are always welcome!

I look forward to your feedback in the weeks to come.


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