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‘Twas the Night

My friend Jane Bozarth pointed this out on Twitter yesterday, and I couldn’t help but share it for the holiday season. Congratulations to David Kelly on such a fine piece of Instructional Design “literature”. Enjoy!

Christmas Tree

Just a little (relevant) holiday fun…

Twas the Night Before Social Media

‘Twas the night before SoMe, and all through land,
Most training was lecture, engagement be damned;
Be it classroom or e-learning, the results disappoint,
and for some reason it all was made with PowerPoint.


The learners were sleeping, or else they were vexed,
by e-learning courses of “read, then click next”;
The trainers were talking, then talking some more,
Not realizing the learners felt it all was a chore.
The rest can be found here.
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