What He Said

27 Sep

We had a discussion in class today, my Gen M students and me.  It’s a small class normally, but one was absent…so now there were five.  Eng 100 students all.  They sat in a small circle at 5:30, tonight, talking about technology and the  shift from how my generation (Gen X) used it to theirs. 

One of my students said something rather profound as we chatted about a post of mine in preparation for them to make the leap first to commentators and then, I hope, to bloggers.

Mohammed said, “We [Gen M’s] are definitely more social because of technology, but we’re less personal because of it, too.”

I knew what he meant – Gen M’s communicate digitally – with their PCs, cell phones, and Blackberries.  They text even when they’re in the same room rather than talking, sometimes.  They IM to save the gas in the $3 per gallon market – they party in chat rooms and decorate their MySpaces so their virtual friends can hang out.

But as I sat there with my students, watching them really engage for the first time this quarter about the technology they are, (and in some cases are not) vested in, I happily listened to them start circulating ideas  for their blog comments, which aren’t due on the blog site until Friday.  This from a group of pre-college credit English students! 

I’ve got to say… it felt pretty personal to me.

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Posted by on September 27, 2006 in Teaching Online


One response to “What He Said

  1. TheBizofKnowledge

    September 28, 2006 at 1:27 am

    That was a great comment by your student! I completely understand what he meant by that too, and I have to agree that it was indeed rather profound. It sounds like there’s the potential for even better discussions as the semester progresses….


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