Getting Out “There” – Tip #3

21 Sep

If you’re going to teach online, you have to know the tools of the trade…or at least know of them.  Here’s 10 tech tools for online teachers you might want to check out (in no particular order…).  These are just examples – there are other various “brands” of some of these:

  • wikis – some sites are even offering free hosting to educators
  • blogs – hey, you’re looking at one…and there’s two really good ones on my blogroll…get reading!
  • skype – using the internet to make your calls (VoIP)
  • Podcasting – all the “how to’s” and “huh’s?” answered
  • moodle – open source course management software
  • WebEx – shared meeting space
  • flikr – photo sharing and web design resources
  • thinkfree – 1 gig online file storage and Microsoft Office compatible access-anywhere software
  • flock – webbrowser with feed reader and blog posting technology plus lots of helpful extensions
  • coComment – comment tracker across the web
  • – social bookmarking – share your favorite bookmarks with your students easily

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