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15 Sep

Blogging With Developing Writers

I have a little voluntary action research starting in my pre-college Eng 100 and Read 088 classes this year.  I teach at a local community college aside from my online gig, and I decide to bring them into the world of the hybrid class through blogging.  This will help introduce my not-quite-ready-for-college-credit students to some much needed digital literacy, as well as give them more practice with reading and writing skills. 

Background: Blogs are a central part of digital literacy in the 21st century.  With the advent of RSS feeder Feed buttontechnology, the inter-connectivity of the web logs and their authors (bloggers) moved to real time and brought instantaneous news to the everyday blogger for commentary.  Every person now had the opportunity to be a published writer, linked to a world wide web of readers and subscribers.  Furthermore, every subscriber had a chance to interactively make comments or “review” the written blog article.  The blogosphere was born.

Hypothesis:  Developing writers lack several tools that more mature writers seem to naturally utilize with a given piece of writing – motivation to write the piece, purpose, critical thinking within the writing, and an innate understanding that a lack of editing gets in the way of the message.

By using blogs, I plan to see if developing writers will:

  • be more motivated to write

  • be more inclined to edit due to the published nature of the internet

  • use more critical thinking in their writing

  • find more purpose to their writing.

Students will take a pre and post survey in my class.  I will post those here as I use them.

I will teach basic paragraphing skills: topic sentence, support, and concluding sentence.

I will assign the first blog response and teach the technology of posting the comment.

The second one will be voluntary for extra credit.

All remaning responses by students will be for their intrinsic reward only (and thus the hypothesis will stand or it won’t).  I’ll be posting blog articles weekly (the first two are up to whet their appetite).

The blog is open to the public, so if outsiders comment also, so much the better – we get a wider perspective – though I retain the right moderator control, of course 🙂

Update: 9/27/06

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