Getting Out “There” – Tip #1

02 Sep

Every trip begins somewhere – even a virtual one.

 Tip #1 – get a free email account from one of the hosting services like Yahoo or Hotmail (MSN).

This is your vehicle onto the information highway.  Whether you are registering for a site like a blog, or downloading a plug in for your website, you will be asked for your email address.  Using the free email account address gives you several advantages.

1) You can avoid revealing anything personal in the email account name.  Often in primary accounts – the name is assigned and based upon your real name.  If this is published on a website, “you” are made public.  Free account names are made up by the user – you can call yourself if you want.  Identity safe.

2) You avoid getting “commercials” from the sites you’ve registered with in your primary account.  Because you are a registered user of sites, the Terms of Use often entitles them to send you “information” and updates.  By sending them to a web account, you protect the integrity of your primary account.

 3) You avoid getting spammed from the hijacking of your email address.  The more your address is out on the web, the more you risk it being hijacked by a spammer.  Using a “throw away” web account means that if this were to happen, you could delete the account and start over with a new, free account.  BTW, it’s been my experience that the free accounts often have better spam filtering than most home email programs.

Now that you have the vehicle – it’s time to drive! 

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